Camden Election Post-Mortem

It’s been a week since the New Jersey primaries, and there’s a lot to digest. There’s the expected results for Governor, the Cherry Hill primary challenge, and, of course, the Camden mayoral and City Council races. I’ll be addressing all of these over the next week or so. Let’s dive in and start with the Camden … Read more of Camden Election Post-Mortem

Reaction to the Primary Election by Jared Hunter

I’m wondering why exactly I am still so surprised by the outcome of last night’s election – I focused mainly on gubernatorial and mayoral races this primary, but was also interested in certain legislative district elections as well (again, surprisingly not surprised).  Here’s a link to look at the all of the final votes and … Read more of Reaction to the Primary Election by Jared Hunter

Election Day Open Thread

I just got back from voting — hopefully you’ll get the chance to as well.  I wanted to put up this thread so that readers have a chance to share thoughts (or irregularities) as election day carries on. I’ll update the post if there is anything newsworthy (and expect to do a round-up of the … Read more of Election Day Open Thread

City Council Candidate Kadeem Pratt’s Policy Survey

A lot of folks have been asking about recent Rutgers-Camden graduate and City Council Candidate Kadeem Pratt. He recently filled out our policy survey. Below is the unedited policy survey (except we have removed the unanswered questions — full survey is here):  Background Questions   3) Why are you running? Outside the fact that I … Read more of City Council Candidate Kadeem Pratt’s Policy Survey

Down to the Wire by Jared Hunter

Professor Danley has been cranking out content like a machine lately and I can’t say that I’m surprised, even only having known him for a little less than a year now.  He’s definitely a great role model for someone like me trying to find my way in a new city with the motivation to help … Read more of Down to the Wire by Jared Hunter

A Policy Chat with Mayoral Candidate Theo Spencer

Our third policy chat is with mayoral candidate Theo Spencer. We’re still trying to organizer more of these, so tell us what you think! We’ll be adding videos of more candidates as they come in!  Share it!