Danley, S. (forthcoming). A Neighborhood Politics of Last Resort: Post-Katrina New Orleans and the Right to the City. McGill-Queen’s Press-MQUP. (Expected publication Fall 2018)

Peer-Reviewed Publications:

Danley, S. (2018). Pragmatic urban protest: How oppression leads to parochial resistance. Sociological Research Online, 1360780418757538.

Danley, S., & Sass Rubin, J. (2017). A Tale of Two Cities: Community Resistance to Market-based Reforms in Camden and Newark, New Jersey. In B. Ferhman, The Fight for Americas Schools: Grassroots Organizing in Education (p. 33-54).  Harvard Education Press. 2017.

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Danley, S. (forthcoming). Community Elites or Community Elitism? The Democratic Challenge of Empowering Community. In R. Cnaan and C. Milofsky, The Handbook of Community Movements and Local Organizations.  Springer Press. 

Weaver, R., Danley, S & Osero, I. (forthcoming) Learning from Failure: Barriers to Using Experiential Education: In Graduate Nonprofit Research Training. Journal of Nonprofit and Education Leadership.  

Revise and Resubmit:

Danley, S. (R&R). An Activist in the Field: Social Media, Ethnography and Community. Journal of Urban Affairs. (currently being revised).

Danley, S., & Sass Rubin, J. (R&R). What Enables Communities to Resist Market-Based Education Reform? Lessons from Newark and Camden, New Jersey. Journal of Urban Affairs. (currently being revised)

Danley, S. & Christiansen, G. (R&R). Conflicting Responsibilities: The Multi-Dimensional Ethics of University-Community Partnerships. Journal of Community Engagement and Scholarship. (currently being revised)

Danley, S. (R&R). Neighborhood Democracy and the Struggle over the Right to New Orleans. Sages Journal of Urban Studies. (resubmitted)

Works in Progress:

The Experience of Being an Experiment: Innovation, Democracy and Protest in Camden N.J.

Completing field work Summer 2018. Proposals to presses Fall 2017.

Danley, S., & Weaver, R. ‘They’re not Building it for Us’: Displacement Pressure, Exclusion and Protesting Neighborhood Investment. Expected submission to City. (manuscript being edited to meet journal guidelines)

Danley, S. Nonprofit Segregation: the Exclusion and Impact of White Nonprofit Networks. (early draft complete. Invited to be a part of a book project on the urban nonprofit sector by Dr. Nathaniel Wright at Texas Tech University)


  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. $186,934. Project title: Evaluating Next Generation Community Leaders. A study on youth participation in creating a culture of health.
  • Rutgers Research Council Grant Award $900. Project Title:  The Experience of Being an Experiment
  • Rutgers Research Council Grant Award $1,500. Project Title:  Camden Policy Forum and Citizen Journalism Hub
  • Digital Studies Project Grant Award $1,400. Projects: Local Knowledge Blog and Content Sharing, Camden Wiki Project


  • DPhil in Social Policy and Intervention (2009 – 2012), Oxford University

    thesis entitled: ‘Neighbourhood Negotiations: Network Governance in Post-Katrina New Orleans’ Oxford University, Nuffield College Supervisor: Professor Robert Walker Full funding provided by the Nuffield Marshall Scholarship (2009-2012).


  • MSc (Distinction) in Comparative Social Policy (2008-2009), Oxford University

thesis entitled: ‘Neighbourhood Comparisons: The Effects of Neighbourhood Organisations on New Orleans Post-Katrina Recovery’ 
Oxford University, Nuffield College
Supervisor: Professor Robert Walker
Full funding provided by the Nuffield Marshall Scholarship (2008-2009).

  • B.A. (magna cum laude) in Philosophy, Political Science and Economics (2003-2007), University of Pennsylvania

    Minor in American Public Policy.  Awarded College Alumni Prize as best student in the department.


2015-2016 Chair-Elect, ARNOVAs Community and Grassroots Association

  • Elected Chair-Elect to the CGA section of ARNOVA. The Chair-Elect organizes panels at the annual conference, as well as engages with community practitioners in the host city. 

2013-2014 World Urban Forum, Next City

  • Presented a paper entitled: The Experience of Being an Experiment: New Urban Populism in New Orleans and Camden.

2013-2014 University of Rutgers, Civic Engagement Office

  • Selected as a Faculty Fellow in the Civic Engagement Office. 

2013-2014 University of Rutgers, Bloustein School

  • Presented a paper entitled: The Experience of Being an Experiment: New Urban Populism in New Orleans and Camden.

2013-2014 University of Pennsylvania, Basketball Mentoring Conference, Keynote

  • Selected to address the Men’s and Women’s Basketball Team at the annual mentoring conference.

2013-2014 University of Pennsylvania, Young Alumni Speaker

  • Selected to address the incoming Freshman class in the University of Pennsylvania’s College of Arts and Sciences. 

2012-2013 DeMatha Catholic High School Commencement Speaker 

  • Selected to address the graduating class at the DeMatha Catholic high school graduation (link).

2008 – 2012 Nuffield Marshall Scholarship 

  • Award based on nationwide competition in the USA, full funding and stipend for US students to study in the UK. Four years of full funding in partnership with Nuffield College.

2011 – 2012 Robert A. Fox Leadership Fellow

  • Research grant to pursue research on neighborhood associations in Post-Katrina New Orleans by the Robert A. Fox Leadership Program at the University of Pennsylvania.

2011 – 2012 ARNOVA Doctoral Fellow

  • One of ten fellows funded to attend the ARNOVA Conference and present preliminary findings at the Doctoral Fellows Seminar.

2007 – 2008 Philly Fellow

  • Granted fellowship to work in Philadelphia with a local non-profit.  

2003 – 2007 College Alumni Prize 

  • Awarded to the top student in the Philosophy, Political Science, Economics (PPE) program.

2003 – 2007 Class of 1915 Award 

  • Awarded to the top male scholar-athlete in his class.

2005 – 2006 Alice Paul Award

  • Awarded on behalf of service to women on campus in conjunction with the Excelano Project.

2005 – 2006 Center for the Study of the Presidency

  • The University of Pennsylvania’s Fellow to the Center for the Study of the Presidency.



(2013 – Present) Rutgers-Camden University (Assistant Professor), Camden, NJ
Assistant Professor in the Department of Public Policy and Administration. Research interests include: local knowledge, informal organizations, local networks, urban neighborhoods, urban policy, New Orleans, Camden, Philadelphia

(2011 – 2012) University of Pennsylvania (Adjunct Faculty), Philadelphia, PA
Developed and taught a Benjamin Franklin Scholar Seminar in the Political Science Department entitled Local Knowledge: City Policy through the Eyes of New Orleans. Served as a teaching assistant for Introduction to American Politics

(2012 – 2012) Deloitte (Consultant), London, UK
Winner of the Deloitte Public Policy Contest. Consulted on three projects: the internal effects of banking legislation, education research and social investment. 

(2009 – 2011) Oxford University (Lecturer), Oxford University
Developed and taught Community Analysis, a seminar designed to evaluate research and design evaluation for community-level programming. An option paper within the MSc in Evidence-Based Social Interventions. 

(2007 – 2011) New York Times (Freelance Writer), New York, NY
Wrote articles analyzing basketball news such as the NBA draft, transactions, summer camps and the NCAA tournament.

(2007 – 2008) Neighborhood Interfaith Movement (Youth Coordinator), Philadelphia, PA
Americorps*VISTA and Philly Fellow. Organized interfaith youth programming, a youth leadership program and a congregational basketball league.


‘‘Standing Up with a Foot on My Neck: Opposition to Public Education Privatization in Camden and Newark, NJ(April 2015)

  • Urban Affairs Association Conference held in Miami, FL

Just Listening: Opting-Out of the Non-Profit Culture(Nov 2014)

  • ARNOVA Conference held in Denver, CO.

‘‘Standing Up with a Foot on My Neck: Opposition to Public Education Privatization in Camden and Newark, NJ’ (Oct 2014)

  • Drexel Mid-Atlantic Conference of Law and Society Conference held in Philadelphia, PA

Network Arent Pixie Dust’ (July 2014)

  • ISTR Conference held in Muenster, Germany.

The Experience of Being an Experiment’ (Nov 2013)

  • ARNOVA Conference held in Hartford, Connecticut.

‘A Democracy of Volunteers’ (Nov 2012)

  • ARNOVA Conference held in Indianapolis, Indiana. 

‘Local Knowledge and Globalization: Partnerships and Conflict in the Post-Katrina New Orleans Context’ (Nov 2011)

  • 4th Next-Generation Global Workshop, “Nation-States and Beyond: Private and Public Spheres under Globalization”. This workshop is jointly hosted by Department of Sociology, Seoul National University and Kyoto University Global COE Program conference in Seoul, Korea.   

‘Who Makes it Back? A Neighbourhood Comparison of Post-Katrina New Orleans Recovery’ (Nov 2011)

  • ARNOVA Conference held in Toronto, Canada.  

 ‘‘Who is They?’ What Neighbourhood Associations in Post-Katrina New Orleans can tell us about Group Coproduction’ (Nov 2010)

  • CoprodNet conference held by Manchester University.

 ‘Neighbourhood Comparisons: The Effects of Neighbourhood Organisations on New Orleans Post-Katrina Recovery’ (July 2010)

  • World Conference on Disaster Management held in Toronto, Canada.  

 ‘Who do We Trust in Education? A Study of the Media Response and Text of Obama’s Sept. 8th Education Speech.’ (Oct 2009)

  • Global Youth Culture conference held at University of Kent, Canterbury; paper in collaboration with Steve Silvius. 



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2011 – 2012 Assistant Professor (Rutgers-Camden University)

  • Urban Issues: Social Movements and Graphic Novels, a collaboration with the digital studies center in which students study urban social movements and produce a graphic novel about them.
  • Local Knowledge: City Policy in New Orleans and Camden, a civic engagement seminar in the Masters of Public Administration.
  • Camden, Philadelphia and the Region, a civic-engagement seminar in Urban Studies.
  • Qualitative Methods, a PhD level seminar in Rutger’s Public Affairs Program.
  • Research Methods, a seminar in the Executive Masters of Public Administration.
  • International Economic Development, a seminar in the International Public Service and Development concentration with the Masters of Public Administration.

2011 – 2012 Adjunct Lecturer (University of Pennsylvania)

  • Local Knowledge: City Policy through the Eyes of New Orleans, a Benjamin Franklin Scholar Seminar in the Political Science Department.  
  • Introduction to American Politics, teaching assistant, including weekly discussion sections and grading.

2009 – 2010 Lecturer (Oxford University)

  • Community Analysis. An option paper on the study and evaluation of community-level programming within the MSc in Evidence-based Social Interventions in the Social Policy and Interventions Department. 

2010 – 2011 Convener (Oxford University)

  • City Policy Discussion Group. Informal, student-led policy discussion group organized through the Social Policy Department.

2009 – 2010 Convener (Oxford University)

  • Education Policy Discussion Group. Informal, student-led policy discussion group organized through the Social Policy Department.


Association for the Research of Non-Profits and Voluntary Associations (ARNOVA) 

Urban Affairs Association (UAA)


Basketball (4-year Varsity Letter Winner at the University of Pennsylvania), Spoken Word (4-year member of the Excelano Project, the nation’s premiere collegiate performance poetry group), Swing Dancing, British Barman (Royal Blenheim pub)