Post-Election Friday Roundup

So many things to read, let’s catch up:   — Phil Murphy wins the governorship, and the focus immediately turns to progressive issues (that’s good):  With Murphy now coming into the State House after campaigning on the $15 minimum-wage issue, it seems likely that New Jersey will eventually become the latest place to enact a $15 … Read more of Post-Election Friday Roundup

NJ Election Day Open Thread

Vote! Opened up the thread in case people want to share their experiences voting, or their thoughts. There’s not a lot of Camden news here — Jared did a roundup that included some of the long-shot candidates last week — so I’m going to leave this open. Drop your thoughts into the comments, and I’ll … Read more of NJ Election Day Open Thread

Why #ChooseCamden Shouldn’t Mean Create a Suburb

This week, the South Jersey Chamber of Commerce held an event titled #ChooseCamden that featured a who’s-who of South Jersey politics, but nary a resident or person of color in sight. The Courier-Post’s Phaedra Trethan covered the event, including the announcement that Camden’s minor league baseball stadium would be demolished. She also captured extensive comments … Read more of Why #ChooseCamden Shouldn’t Mean Create a Suburb

Ahead of Election Day by Jared Hunter

Steve has been a super helpful mentor in supporting me to think through the ways that I can further refine my writing.  I’m going to take a page out of his extensive blogging handbook and focus quickly on something that super important coming up everyone should really be aware of: Election Day.  I’ve written about … Read more of Ahead of Election Day by Jared Hunter

It’s Friday, Let’s Talk Strategy (and Politics)

With the gubernatorial election coming up there’s a ton of important content to be shared, there’s Camden news, and plenty more — I wanted to take a chance to share some of the conversations I’m having about politics:   — How are Democrats going to talk about immigration? Especially with a wave of nativistic new ads … Read more of It’s Friday, Let’s Talk Strategy (and Politics)