The Quiet Primary got Loud

I was voter number 17 at my polling place yesterday. A friend joked that turnout was so low that I might have been the last voter!  But the quiet primary turned loud when the Collingswood progressive slate for Democratic Committee scored a large upset. At the same time, progressives in Camden City and Cherry Hill … Continue reading The Quiet Primary got Loud

Vote. Then Let’s Chat about Columns.

It’s primary day, so go vote! Then I’d love to hear your thoughts on this primary. Here are three quick-hitting thoughts of mine:   The Process Primary: What’s been the biggest issue in the primaries this season? I mean, besides the elephant in the room. It’s been process. Go to progressive facebook pages or candidate pages here … Continue reading Vote. Then Let’s Chat about Columns.

Worried about ATVs

First, a reminder: tomorrow is primary day! Go vote!  Now, let’s talk about the ATVs. You know, the 4-wheelers making noise and doing tricks on the road now that the weather has turned nice in Camden. This week, local officials at the city and state levels rolled out new legislation and enforcement:  CAMDEN, NJ — … Continue reading Worried about ATVs

The Waterfront Rorschach Test

Yesterday I went to the opening of the new RCA Pier park on Camden’s waterfront. Phaedra Trethan over at the Courier captured both the mood and rhetoric surrounding the ribbon-cutting:  But it’s more than just a pretty place, noted Shawn McCaney of the William Penn Foundation, which helped fund the $4 million park along with … Continue reading The Waterfront Rorschach Test

The Camden Education Crisis We All Knew Was Coming

Here we go again. At the latest Camden School Board meeting, Superintendent McCombs announced a $27 million dollar deficit. This is the start of the financial crisis in the school district that we’ve all seen coming. And it’s here because the last leadership took the easy way out — it ducked the hard and unpopular … Continue reading The Camden Education Crisis We All Knew Was Coming

Camden is for Cars (Part I): the Camden Streets Community Social

There are people I lean on when I want to be plugged into different scenes. Dr. Keith Benson and others for the latest education news. Darnell Hardwick and Kelly Francis at the NAACP if I want the latest on the police force. And Jordan Lee Mead for issues surrounding bikes, cars and transportation.  In that … Continue reading Camden is for Cars (Part I): the Camden Streets Community Social