Here we are. It’s election season! 

I know a lot of the big ticket races here in NJ are in an off cycle. No presidential race. No governor’s race. Not even a Senate race. And the assembly races we do have (the whole assembly is up for reelection!) largely aren’t facing serious, professional and funded contestants. 

But here in Camden, we do have our first Board of Education election in a long time, alongside contested City Council races.

I wanted to share a few upcoming events being promoted by the We Choose Camden coalition — who are connected with Jitu Brown’s Journey 4 Justice organization. Journey 4 Justice is known for it’s racial justice work in education — famously they kept Dyett School in Chicago open with a hunger strike. 

Here’s the info (I’ve linked to the flier on FB in case it doesn’t come through here): 

The Board of Education Election Candidates Forum are on Tuesday October 8th at 6pm (that’s tonight). There’s another one on Friday, November 1st, at 6pm. Both events will be at the Camden County Historical Society. 

There’s also a City Council Election Candidates Forum on October 24th at 6pm. 

Traditionally, these events have not been attended by the candidates representing the local Democratic Party. That makes enough sense in the short-run — when you’re heavily favored to win, conventional wisdom says there’s too much risk in engaging with your opponents. But ultimately, it hurts Camden. 

That’s why I hope folks will stop by tonight, and again later in Friday. It’s why I try to cover these events (though I have to leave early tonight). Because we need more robust debate, more discussion, and more civic involvement in these elections. And I want to support the organizations, individuals, and candidates who work hard to make that happen. 

Hope to see you there. 


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