Next City Write-Up

I’m happy to say that we’re getting a little publicity in this corner of Cooper Street. Next City, one of my favorite places to read and write about cities, did a little write up about Rutgers-Camden and this blog.  I wanted to share these excerpts (but by all means, go read the whole thing): Local … Continue reading Next City Write-Up

A Non-Academic Definition of “Community Meeting”

If there is an unwritten code behind Oxford’s life, the first might be that most work gets done at your local (pub). But equally as important would be the imperative to “define your terms.” So, in the finely held tradition of slightly mocking Oxford, while taking its bigger critique to heart, I’d like to somewhat … Continue reading A Non-Academic Definition of “Community Meeting”

An Introduction to Local Knowledge

In my first class, I asked my students what they thought of this video of the protests over the demolition of public housing in New Orleans: They responded that protest needed to be rational to be effective. That protestors were “too emotional” and weren’t appealing to enough facts. The very way these communicated resulted in … Continue reading An Introduction to Local Knowledge