What would media coverage of Camden *designed for Camden residents* look like?

A few weeks ago I was invited to an event focused on addressing local media in Camden. The organizers asked me to prepare a few comments and reflect on how to improve media in Camden — and while I didn’t end up speaking at the event, I wanted to share some of those thoughts here. … Continue reading What would media coverage of Camden *designed for Camden residents* look like?

BIDs, Protests and Tree Lightings

So there’s a lot of chatter going around about the proposed Camden Business Improvement District (CBID). Coming on the heels of some, ahem, controversy about tax subsidies, and the boondoggle about the police taking over code enforcement, there is both increased scrutiny and attention on City Hall right now. So I thought I’d share a … Continue reading BIDs, Protests and Tree Lightings

Poll or Propoganda?

Monday evening, as I was leaving the office, I got a call to participate in a poll on politics and progress in Camden, City. That doesn’t happen very often, in part because I kept my phone number from when I lived in DC so I have a non-local area code. So I was pretty excited … Continue reading Poll or Propoganda?

Self-Care, Activism (and Camden Jam)

Whew. That’s the first week of the semester. I’ve used these Friday posts to do a lot of different things over the years. To highlight community events. To talk a bit more casually about my own research. To promote my writings. But wanted to take a moment today to talk about my own challenges surrounding … Continue reading Self-Care, Activism (and Camden Jam)

“No Excuses” in Camden: the Stakes are High

A few weeks ago there was some fantastic, in-depth reporting by Avi Wolfman-Arendt (WHYY) on Philadelphia’s KIPP schools that is particularly relevant for the current educational moment in Camden. Because in Camden, “no excuses” schools are in vogue. They were explicitly chosen through the political process as a way to try to improve the schools … Continue reading “No Excuses” in Camden: the Stakes are High