A lot of folks have been asking about recent Rutgers-Camden graduate and City Council Candidate Kadeem Pratt. He recently filled out our policy survey. Below is the unedited policy survey (except we have removed the unanswered questions — full survey is here): 

Background Questions


3) Why are you running?

Outside the fact that I represent a large portion of poplution that feel’s suppressed and marginalized (millineals). I have an intimate understanding of the people, the issues, and the policies that needs to be aggressively lobbied that will not only make Camden a power house in the near future, but, in addition contribute to the restoration social order on a day to day basics. After being lobbied by my peers, and recognizing the support I have from the people I’m running because we believe I am the change city hall needs.


Economic Development Questions

1) Would you raise the City minimum wage to $15 an hour?

I would support a bill that increases the city minimum wage tax to fifteen dollars an hour only if the bill is sustainable and provides economic relief to the greater good of Camden, my Five Point system aims to put Camden first. Therefore an minimum wage increase does align with my policy agenda.

3) What is your position on PILOTs and business tax subsidies?

Though many corps with the tax status of PILOT pay annual taxes, they have over saturated Camden’s economy and are not contributing their fair share to the City. Though the ERA has generated development in and around the City of Camden, I do not support corporate welfare and will advocate that future business policies provide subsides to existing businesses, start-ups,  and entrepreneurs.


6) Would you pass earned sick time requirements for all businesses employing more than 10 people?

I will pass such a bill,  however the number of employees will have to be greater than ten. I believe in worker rights, but I don’t want a policy that will hurt small and growing businesses.

Education Questions

1) Would you work with community and labor partners to return Camden to local control?

The core of my policy agenda revolves around restoring Camden to local control. For to long, politicians and bureaucrats many miles away have been making important decisions in the city that very little understanding of the people and city.

2) Would you work with community and labor partners to return to an elected Camden school board?

Yes, in accordance with the language of the MRERA ACT I will fully commit to working with community and partners to return to and elected school board , as well build a infrastructure so that Camden’s economy may sustain is schools.

3) Would you would you use the city’s power of the purse to regulate charter and renaissance schools to be more transparent, and eliminate cherry-picking students?



5) What specific initiatives would you fund to support youth in the city?

I will fund any qualifying initiative that supports youth in the city with the objective of expanding STEM curriculum out of the classroom,  also initiatives that focus on small business development for youth in the city- assisting and encouraging youth to incorporate small businesses.

Criminal Justice

2) Would you work with community partners to create an independent civilian police review board with subpoena power and the ability to suspend and fire police officers who engage in misconduct?

If there were to come a time when data shows officers in the city of Camden as likely or at risk of being compromised, then yes. I will aide in establishing an independent review board. However, I believe the current police chief is competent and in control of his force.

3) Would you pursue legislation requiring officers to live in Camden city or Camden County?

I support a live here, work here model and will open the hiring pool to all residents of Camden County. However,  once hired my legislation will mandate new officers establish residency within the boundaries of Camden city.

4) Would you work on a municipal ID program for undocumented residents?


6) What is your plan to increase opportunities for ex-offenders?

My plan to increase opportunities for returning citizens is straight forward , create a college Pathway program, ban the box, and establish policy that is friendly towards creating small business grants for returning citizens. 

7) Do you support decriminalizing or legalizing marijuana?

I support legalizing Marijuana.




2) What is your plan to reduce the city’s chronic budget shortfall?

Generate tax revenue, review and reconsider tax abatement programs and recipients,  as well as POLIT recipients.

4) Would you enact and dedicate funds to participatory budgeting?

Yes, I believe participatory budgeting is an effective model , that empowers the community and engages the community with its local officials.

Local Issues

1) What is your position on the relocation of the methadone clinic to Bergen Square?

No to the relocation of the clinic. What can the mayor do about this issue? The mayor can veto the resolution that passed by zoning to reinstate the previous definition of what development can be built in a high density residential area.

2) What is your position on the demolition/renovation of Camden High?

I support the renovation of Camden High School.


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