Each week, Rasheda Weaver will be writing about her life as a student and resident of the city. This week’s post contributes to a critical conversation in Camden around gentrification and the larger issue of what a future Camden looks like. Please share widely, contribute in the comments, and consider writing a response:

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  • I can appreciate this article. I think it clearly sets the tone about what the true intentions for residents whom already reside here. Is it a gold mine one sees when they come to gentrify our city? Do they not see that all of this redevelopment is not geared toward any advancement of the black and brown people who reside here? We can gentrify all around Camden but it doesn’t change the harsh realities that residents are not and have not been considered in the process. The leadership of Camden needs to invest in it’s residents and must provide resources that are geared toward job readiness to meet it’s residents where they are at. Building up to push out doesn’t help the situation it just puts a band aide on it. The wound will still bleed. I don’t doubt the entent of this young ladies aspirations however, what needs to be considered is how can all of this work when the people reside here are only part of the process to leave here?

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