WPHT 1210 Discusses Camden and Poverty Porn

On Monday I was invited on CBS Radio (WPHT 1210) with Rich Zeoli and Gary R’Nel to discuss Rolling Stone’s article Apocalypse, New Jersey. It was certainly a learning experience, and I wrestled with them about “personal responsibility” among other topics. A reader was kind enough to pass along the clip. Here it is:  Edit: My … Read more of WPHT 1210 Discusses Camden and Poverty Porn

Camden’s South Jersey Advantage

Yesterday Joseph Russell (@thegreengrass) provided the first of quite a few guest posts I have in the queue here for the Christmas holidays. Joe wrote about Camden from the perspective of the South Jersey suburbs, and I wanted to pick up on a few of his themes. In particular, Joe’s narrative of a city linked … Read more of Camden’s South Jersey Advantage