“Theory,” Teaching, and Writing

I was fortunate at Oxford to be supervised by two folks who not only do excellent research, but were unbelievably curious about the philosophy of methodology and knowledge. These two men, Dr. Robert Walker and Dr. Kenneth Macdonald, taught me much. I find myself repeating one line, I believe uttered by Robert, again and again … Read more “Theory,” Teaching, and Writing

Pedagogy: Student Work and Thought Leaders

As classes start here at Rutgers-Camden, I’ve been putting together my classes. That process naturally requires thinking about what I find important in the classroom. Two themes have emerged that have led to the creation of this blog: The first theme is that I’ve always believed in prioritizing excitement over teaching from canon – in … Read more Pedagogy: Student Work and Thought Leaders

An Introduction to Local Knowledge

In my first class, I asked my students what they thought of this video of the protests over the demolition of public housing in New Orleans: They responded that protest needed to be rational to be effective. That protestors were “too emotional” and weren’t appealing to enough facts. The very way these communicated resulted in … Read more An Introduction to Local Knowledge