Student Voice: A People’s History of Camden

One of the goals of this blog is to highlight student work on the campus, and provide space for discussion and research on Camden. Now that the elections are over, I wanted to get back to that by sharing this fantastic piece of work submitted by Rutgers-Camden PhD Candidate Matthew McCaffrey in which he addresses … Read more Student Voice: A People’s History of Camden

Flawed Messengers, Important Message

It’s election day (go vote!) and I have a few thoughts to share: Over the past few weeks I’ve gotten a crash course in Camden politics, from the debacle of the Southern New Jersey Chamber of Commerce scheduling a debate that working residents couldn’t attend, to their capitulation to livestream the debate, to their broken … Read more Flawed Messengers, Important Message

Camden Chatter: Talking Police and Elections

“Camden Chatter” is a series of blog posts by Rutgers-Camden Ph.D. Candidate Christopher Wheeler on the “chatter” on social media about Camden. Here are his thoughts on the past week’s top stories:  Share it!