Felix Moulier wrote this in response to yesterday’s post: Why do you live in Camden? Thanks!

Camden is me and I am Camden. There is no other place I’d rather live or raise my daughter due to my many great experiences as a child.

Born and raised primarily in East Camden was a humble upbringing where you can go to the Willy’s Bodega on Carman and Dudley to get a Willy Burger, get a $.10 Hershey’s Popsicle etc. The boys of summer Henry, Dave (RIP), Eddie (RIP) Dot, AD and Jay would play basketball from morning to night and jailbreak at Woodrow Wilson until the janitors or CPD would chase is out. We knew it was summer because the Carnival at St. Joseph’s Cathedral was a sign of the beginning of summer.

Our family on a rare occasion would go to Tarantini’s for Panzarottis to get the weekly family special on Tuesdays, on Sunday after church my grandparents would take us to Erlton bakery for fresh dinner rolls and pepperoni bread.

We had a cool Mayor in Milan but his other side caught up with him; regardless of his transgressions he was the most visible Mayor in my lifetime with the exception of current Mayor Moran. Playing on one of the many little leagues in the city was an honor and I played on the Championship winning Newton Creek Bulls Coached by league founder Mr. Pease and also had the privilege to coach the championship winning Cramer Hill Royals.

I can go on and on but I love Camden and it loves me.

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